CSV Import

To update the Products, Attributes and their Options in one attempt, use CSV import feature available in BlueCart.

From the Admin’s top nav bar, click System->CSV Import. This will bring you to CSV Import page.


Step 1: Global Settings

In this tab, give the required information in the fields:


CSV Field Delimiter: Select the delimiter to separate the values.

Default Stock Status: Select the stock status

 Subtract Stock: Select Yes or No

 Default Product Status: Set Enabled if you want to display product or Disabled in other case.

 Default Weight Class: Select the weight class.

 Default Length Class: Select the Length class.

 Default Tax Class: Select the Tax class.

 Store: Set the Default status.

 Add Categories to Top Bar: Select Yes if you want to add categories to top bar or select No in other case.

 Download Remote Images: Select status at Yes or No.


Step 2: Field Mapping

The BlueCart field column contains the name of the field in BlueCart, the CSV Column Heading is where you must enter the heading name of the column that you want to import to each BlueCart field. You can leave a field blank if you are not importing it. None of the fields are required, but the more you can provide the better your import will be.

Step 3: Adjust Data

This step allows you to edit certain columns’ data as the CSV file is read in. You can adjust prices with a multiplier or prepend/append text to your image field.

Step 4: Import

This page is where you run the import from once your settings and mappings are all ready. First, choose what type of import you want to run – add, update or reset.Next, if there are any products you want to exclude from the import, you can say exclude any products which have <field> with this <value>. For example, you may want to exclude all items where stock is 0. You would put stock in the column field and 0 in the value field. Finally, either upload a file or enter a url in the field provided and click import.



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