Installation of BlueCart

BlueCart is easy to install e-store software tool. Below is the method to install BlueCart. You can follow these steps to install:

Step 1 – Enter store domain and hosting information

Enter the information of your domain and web hosting as shown below:


Step 2 – Accept License

Read the license carefully and then click on checkbox I agree to the license and click on continue button:


Step 3 – Pre-Installation

Software will check all the required software and file permissions required to complete the installation. System will also check file permissions.

Click on Continue button to go to next step, if all the requirements are fulfilled.


Step 4 – Configuration

Enter the database name, username and password in database information section.  Enter the Store administrator information including username, email address and password.

Click on Continue button when you finish.

If you have not yet created data base information then click on the following link:

Creating Database using CPanel


Step 5 – Finished

Congratulation window will shown up containing information about your administration url and your store URL.

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