BlueCart is really easy to install! The following directions will lead you through the installation process. Generally, it takes just several minutes to complete. Download and print out a PDF copy of the instructions so you have them at desk during the installation.

If you have to install BlueCart onto a local computer, please use our special guide that will tell you how to set up a full-fledged web server on your Windows machine and install BlueCart. It is pretty straightforward!

Before the Installation

There are a not many things that you need to have and do before you start installing BlueCart. These are:

1. Check that your web server meets the minimum system requirements to run BlueCart.

2. Make sure that you can access your web server via shell or FTP.

3. Connect to your MySQL server and create a database for BlueCart.

4. Check that you know a License number for.

5. Download the latest release of BlueCart from the File Area of your Help Desk account.

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