Setting up SagePay on BlueCart

Create your account at then click on Admin->Extensions->payments 

Locate SagePay , click on Install if it is not installed then click on Edit and a form will display with following fields.


Vendor: Type vendor name.

Password: Create password.

Test Mode: Select Production if you are in production.

Total: The minimum amount to enable the order being processed by SagePay.

ORDER STATUS: Apply this payment method to orders that have this order status.

GEO ZONE: Select a zone if you want it only available to a certain zone, otherwise leave at ALL ZONES.

STATUS: Select ENABLED to allow customers to select this method; or DISABLED to hide it from customers but keep it available to you in your private Admin.

SORT ORDER: If you are offering customers multiple payment methods from which to choose, and wish this method to be displayed first, enter a 1. To display second, enter a 2, and so forth.

Click the SAVE Button when you are finished setting up.

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