Account module setting

This is a handy navigation box for customers who are logged in. It does not appear until after the customer logs in.

Account module allows the customer to quickly get to the information they need about their account and their orders.

Account module is already turned ON in a newly-installed BlueCart store.

To use or modify the Account module, from your store Admin’s top navigation bar, select EXTENSIONS – Modules and select Account from the Modules List. This brings you to the Account module:

To Edit, at the top far right click on EDIT link. This will bring you to this form:


LAYOUT: What page layout (a sub-template) do you want to use for this module? Select

from the drop-down list.

POSITION: Do you want the box to appear in the left column, right column, or in the

middle of the home page top or home page bottom?

STATUS: Turn ON by selecting ENABLED; turn OFF by selecting DISABLED.


This box will display at the top with the sort order of “1.” Set to two to display

second in its column or position, three to display third, etc.

When finished, in the top right, click on SAVE button.

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